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    • Kinematic criteria of smoothness of work of cylindrical gear wheels 

      Dragan, Alexander V.; Scorohodov, Andrew S.; Alexandrova, Vera S. (China Machinery Press, 2004)
      The results of theoretical and experimental researches are given in the work, which purpose is the development of techniques and means of diagnostics of gear wheels, and also criteria determining smoothness of work of gearing on the basis of the information about kinematic errors.


    • Lake water level variations in Belarus 

      Volchak, Aleksandr A.; Kirvel, Ivan (De Gruyter Poland, 2013)
      Lake level is one of the most important lake characteristics which allows the results of different effects to be identified and detected. In this work time series of the water levels of Belorussian lakes were analysed in order to detect pattern variations, to evaluate quantitatively the transformation ...


    • Land Reclamation in Brest Region (Belarus): State, Problems, Prospects 

      Meshyk, A.; Barushka, M. (Tsotne Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute of Georgian Technical University, 2017)
      The article presents a historical background of land reclamation in Brest region, Belarus. It also describes a current state of land reclamation in the area and specifies some aspects of professional training of qualified experts in the sphere.


    • Leachate Dynamics in Landfill 

      Adomaitis, Saulius; Grybauskienė, Vilda; Meshyk, Aleh; Vyčienė, Gitana (КазНАУ, 2018)
      Human activities are inevitably associated with the generation of waste. The proximity of many of landfills to metropolitan water supplies, the frequency of landfill leachate contamination of groundwater sources, and the knowledge that leachate from landfills may be an important source of ground ...


    • Modeling dynamics of stored soil moisture at stage of control of structures of amelioration systems 

      Volchak, Aliaksandr; Meshyk, Aleh; Mazhayskiy, Yury; Chernikova, Olga (Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies, 2020)
      The article contains the results of development of a methodology for assessing and optimizing the water regime on agricultural lands. To ensure an environmentally safe mode of humidification, operational instrumental control of dynamics of soil moisture reserves is necessary. A distinctive feature ...


    • Modeling of the trajectory of the level fluctuations in Lake Naroch 

      Kirvel, Ivan I.; Volchak, Alexander A.; Parfomuk, Sergey I. (Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, 2016)
      As a result of the conducted investigations of the level fluctuations in Lake Naroch the initial data are divided into 3 components: a polynomial regression that makes it possible to find out an independent on time Law of trajectory, a periodic component of sinusoidal type and a residual sequence ...


    • Modern tools of financial analysis in ERP-systems on the example of the "Galaxy 9.1" 

      Averina, Irina N. (Луганский национальный университет им. В. Даля, 2020)
      Averina, I. N. Modern tools of financial analysis in ERP-systems on the example of the "Galaxy 9.1" / I. N. Averina // Информационные технологии в экономике: материалы IV Республиканской научно-практической Интернет-конференции студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых с международным участием, 25–26 ...


    • Nonlinear Modeling of Annual Runoff of Main Rivers in Belarus 

      Volchak, Aliaksandr; Meshyk, Aleh; Parfomuk, Sergey; Mazhayskiy, Yury; Chernikova, Olga (Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies, 2021)
      The article investigates the problem of mathematical description of long-term fluctuations of river runoff, which is relevant for solving problems of modeling and forecasting in engineering hydrology. The description of the process of runoff fluctuations is based on the stochastic differential equations ...


    • Novel Roof Coatings Based on Styrene-Acrylic Copolymeric Dispersions 

      Khaletzky, Vitaly (Vilnius University, 2001)
      Khaletzky, V. Novel Roof Coatings Based on Styrene-Acrylic Copolymeric Dispersions / V. Khaletzky // Chemistry 2001 : 5th National Lithuanian Conference, Vilnius, September 27, 2001 / Institute of Chemistry, Vilnius University, Lithuanian Chemical Society. – Vilnius, 2001. – P. 124.


    • Numerical research of the chemostat model for the single-nutrient competition 

      Chichurin, Alexander; Shvychkina, Alena (University of Podlasie, 2013)
      The continuous culture of micro-organisms using the chemostat is an important research technique in microbiology and population biology. We consider here chemostat model for the single-nutrient competition. For the model we find the solution when the parametric relation a1 = a2 is observed. It is ...


    • On Generalized Solutions of Some Differential Equations with Singular Coefficients 

      Antonevich, A. B.; Kuzmina, E. V. (State University of Novi Pazar, 2022)
      The article deals with the problem of existence of generalized solutions to simplest linear differential equation with a singular coefficient q. The generalized solution was introduced by choice one of the distribution Q corresponding q, and choice an approximation of Q by a family of common ...


    • On the Binary Sequences with Indistinguishable Signature for a Given Error Multiplicity in Electronic Testing 

      Demidenko, Serge; Ivanyukovich, Alexander; Makhnist, Leonid; Piuri, Vincenzo (Journal of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore, 1995)
      Distinct binary seąuences (2 ͫ – 1 bits long) may be compressed by an m-bit signature register into the same signature ualue, when a given error multiplicity is considered. Analytical expressions to compute the number of distinct seąuences collapsed into the same signature are presented, by exploiting ...


    • Peculiarities of Snow Cover in Belarus 

      Meshyk, Aleh; Vouchak, Anastasiya (2018)
      Meshyk, A. Peculiarities of Snow Cover in Belarus / A. Meshyk, An. Vouchak // International Journal of Environmental and Ecological Engineering. – Vol. 12. – № 10, 2018.


    • Realibility of the large-size post-tensioned slab-on-grade 

      Tur, Andrei V.; Tur, Viktar V. (Centrum Rzeczoznawstwa Budowlanego, 2019)
      The present artiele describes some of the possible ways of usage of the post-tensioned flat slabs and the rational design procedures to provide their structural reliability.Theoreticalbackground of the punching resistance checking, in the case when the piles support the foundation pos-tensioned slabs, ...


    • Regional convergence and innovation policies in the European Union 

      Ipatova, Olga (Global Academy Publishing House, 2023)
      Ipatova, O. Regional convergence and innovation policies in the European Union / O. Ipatova // Academic Research & Reviews in Social, Human and Administrative Sciences / Olga Ipatova ; Edited by Shajara Ui Durar, Mohammed El Amine Abdelli. – Ankara : Global Academy Publishing House, 2023. – Chapter ...


    • Regional Polyethnic Literature of the Belarusian-Polish-Ukrainian Border Region about Life and Creative Values 

      Zhigalova, Maria (Annales UMCS, 2020)
      In this article, the author reveals the concept of “regional polyethnic literature,” shows the specifics of its genre diversity, peculiarities of themes and issues of the language and style, points out the role of inter-language and inter-culture in the reader’s understanding of the work. The ...


    • Some Methods of Adaptive Multilayer Neural Networks Training 

      Makhnist, Leonid; Maniakov, Nikolaj; Rubanov, Vladimir (2004)
      Is proposed two new techniques for multilayer neural networks training. Its basic concept is based on the gradient descent method. For every methodic are showed formulas for calculation of the adaptive training steps. Presented matrix algorithmizations for all of these techniques are very helpful ...


    • Spatial and economic development of regions-movement in one direction 

      Kuhan, S. F.; Radchuk, A. P. (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2020)
      Kuhan, S. F. Spatial and economic development of regions-movement in one direction / S. F. Kuhan, A. P. Radchuk // Міжнародне науково-технічне співробітництво: принципи, механізми, ефективність : зб. наук. пр. XVI (XXVIII) Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., 12-13 березня 2020 р. / Національний технічний ...


    • Spatial and economic development of regions-movement in one direction 

      Kuhan, S. F.; Radchuk, A. P. (КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського ; Політехніка, 2020)
      Kuhan, S. F. Spatial and economic development of regions-movement in one direction / S. F. Kuhan, A. P. Radchuk // Мiжнародне науково-технiчне спiвробiтництво: принципи, механiзми, ефективнiсть : збiрник наукових праць XVI (XXVIII) Мiжнароднай науково-практичної конференції, Київ, 12-1З березня 2020 ...


    • Spectral analysis of water level fluctuations in Belarusian and Polish lakes 

      Volchak, Aleksander; Choiński, Adam; Kirviel, Ivan; Parfomuk, Siergiej (Sciendo, 2017)
      Data regarding 25 lakes (9 Belarusian and 16 Polish) provided the basis for spectral analysis of water level fluctuations. The obtained output data concerned a 55-year observation sequence covering the years 1956–2010. The selection of lakes was determined by two factors, i.e. data continuity and ...