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  • Technological modeling of the process of reagent removal of phosphorus from wastewater 

    Andreyuk, Svetlana Vasilievna; Akulich, Tatyana Ivanovna; Gogina, Elena Sergeevna; Kapereiko, Daria Vasilievna (BrSTU, 2022)
    The work is devoted to the study of the technology of urban wastewater treatment, specially designed to remove the biogenic element phosphorus. An analytical review of the achievements and publications on the study of the process of wastewater dephosphotation by the reagent method is given. Based on ...


  • Increasing the efficiency of neural networks in recognition problems 

    Bury, Yaroslav Anatolievich (BrSTU, 2022)
    The article describes the issues of increasing the efficiency of neural networks in terms of their design and coding of input and output signals. The application of multiple signal coding using extrapolation of the input parameters is described on the example of a system of recognition character ...


  • Urban planning post-pandemics: vision and direction 

    Kashiripoor, Mohammad Mahdi (BrSTU, 2022)
    The principles of the urban formation have always been built on socialization, the construction of public spaces and the systematization of the huge human masses’ interaction. Of course, in the formation of urban space there are objects that allowing you to feel solitude, but still the city has always ...


  • Comparative analysis of the calculation of the stress intensity factor from the results of equilibrium and non-equilibrium tests 

    Sadovskaya, Elena Alexandrovna; Leonovich, Sergey Nikolaevich (BrSTU, 2022)
    This article explores the practical use of methods for determining the stress intensity factor at normal separation: eccentric compression of notched cubes and four-point bending of a notched beam. During non-equilibrium tests, the stress intensity factor value was calculated from the value of the ...


  • Quantification procedure of the existing reinforced concrete structures based on fuzzy logic 

    Tur, Victor Vladimirovich; Dardziuk, Yulia Sergeevna (BrSTU, 2022)
    Fuzzy logic is the useful tool when assessing the existing reinforced concrete structures. The introduction of the method for quantitative assessment of the technical condition of the existing structures built on the fuzzy logic represents a transition to a new and higher-quality level for survey of ...


  • Experimental studies of the bending resistance of composite beams with loop connections between precast parts 

    Varabei, Alexander Petrovich; Tur, Victor Vladimirovich (BrSTU, 2022)
    Loop connections for precast concrete structures have various advantages in terms of ease of setting, high flexibility and strength. Despite the advantages, the widespread use of the loop connection in the construction industry is limited due to the lack of a design methodology in performance standards. ...


  • Influence of cyclic loading parameters on fatigue characteristics of die steel 

    Belskiy, Sergey Evgrafovich; Blokhin, Alexey Vladimirovich; Adel Abdel Basset Rashid (BrSTU, 2022)
    Studying the fatigue characteristics of structural materials is a time-consuming process. The possibility of using high loading frequencies on the example of 5CrNiMn steel is presented in this paper. The results of studies of structurally sensitive characteristics are microhardness, electrical resistance ...


  • On the wear mechanism of cardan gear joints 

    Poprykailo, Alexander Vitalievich; Costykovich, Gennady Alexandrovich; Verameichyk, Andrei Ivanovich; Auchynnikau, Evgeny Vitalievich; Khvisevich, Vitaly Mikhailovich; Onysko, Sergey Romanovich (BrSTU, 2022)
    In connection with the improvement of vehicles, power plants, an increase in their power, operational life, requirements for reliability and safety of use necessitate the development of new modifications of the main components and assemblies, incl. drive shafts. In this paper, an analysis of the main ...


  • Evaluation of natural grasslands determined by remote sensing and GIS applications in the highlands of Eastern Turkey 

    Bozkurt, Yalcin; Vagapova, Alina Ravilievna (BrSTU, 2022)
    The aim of this study was to assess the natural grassland regions for livestock production in the highlands of Eastern Turkey by utilizing Remote Sensing (RS) techniques and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. It was concluded that the natural grasslands make up 2/3 of the whole study ...


  • The contribution of climatic and anthropogenic factors to changes in the runoff of plain rivers 

    Meshyk, Oleg Pavlovich; Makhmudova, Lyazzat; Zharylkassyn, Adilet; Kanatuly, Alilet; Zhulkainarova, Madina (BrSTU, 2022)
    The changes in the annual runoff of plain rivers are estimated on the method that based on the restoration of the natural runoff of the last decades, during which significant anthropogenic changes took place. For these purposes, we used data on the runoff of rivers (tributaries of the considered rivers ...


  • Prognostic meteorological regulation in solar energy engineering 

    Meshyk, Oleg Pavlovich; Meshyk, Kirill Olegovich; Barushka, Marina Viktorovna; Marozava, Victoria Alexandrovna (BrSTU, 2022)
    This paper considers an idea of saving energy resources by using meteorological data. Applying a prognostic meteorological approach to regulate parameters of a heat medium in solar thermal collectors allows decision-makers to regulate the temperatures designed, which might improve the efficiency in ...


  • Approaches to estimate the socio-economic risks caused by the river flood 

    Volchak, Aliaksandr Aliaksandrovich; Kostiuk, Dmitry Aleksandrovich; Petrov, Dmitry Olegovich; Sheshko, Nikolay Nikolaevich (BrSTU, 2022)
    The issues of forecasting damage caused by flooding of anthropogenically transformed territories in a river floodplain of a plain type are considered based on the case of the floodplain of the Pripyat River. A method of spatial analysis of the level of the territory usage and the depth/duration of ...


  • Spatial and temporal variability of the surface river runoff in Belarus 

    Volchak, Aliaksandr Aliaksandrovich; Parfomuk, Sergei Ivanovich; Sidak, Svetlana Vasilievna (BrSTU, 2022)
    An assessment of changes in the surface river runoff of Belarus in modern conditions is given. Significant negative trends were found for the series of the percentage of surface runoff in the total volume of annual runoff for the period 1948−2017. The greatest decrease in surface runoff is observed ...


  • Аssessment of the Krasnaya Sloboda fish farm impact on the Moroch river runoff 

    Volchak, Aliaksandr Aliaksandrovich; Parfomuk, Sergei Ivanovich; Sheshko, Nikolai Nikolaevich; Shpendik, Natalia Nikolaevna; Dashkevich, Denis Nikolaevich; Sidak, Svetlana Vasilievna; Kukharevich, Mikhail Fedorovich (BrSTU, 2022)
    A comprehensive assessment of the impact of the Krasnaya Sloboda fish farm on the hydrological regime of the Moroch River in the calculated areas was carried out. The following methods were used in the work: field research, desk data processing, geographical analysis, statistical analysis, regression ...


  • Rivers’ hydrological characteristics of the National Park «Bialowieza Forest» 

    Volchak, Aliaksandr Aliaksandrovich; Savich-Shemet, Oksana Grigorievna; Sheshko, Nikolai Nikolaevich; Parfomuk, Sergei Ivanovich; Shpendik, Natalia Nikolaevna; Dashkevich, Denis Nikolaevich; Sidak, Svetlana Vasilievna; Kukharevich, Mikhail Fedorovich (BrSTU, 2022)
    The article presents analysis of modern hydrological characteristics of the of Bialowieza Forest rivers’ during the period of instrumental observations and provides a water regime’s forecast assessment of the research territory. The database of Bialowieza Forest rivers’ hydrological characteristics ...


  • Organizational and economic support for the application of state support measures for investment projects in the region 

    Druzhynina, Evgenia Olegovna (BrSTU, 2022)
    The article discusses the issues of increasing the validity of the application of measures of state support for investment projects by management bodies. The importance of making decisions on the provision of benefits in the implementation of investment projects, taking into account the criterion of ...


  • Theoretical approaches to the study of regional competitiveness 

    Flyachinskaya, Natalia Nikolaevna (BrSTU, 2022)
    Theoretical approaches to revealing the content of the region's competitiveness are outlined, summarized and analyzed. Interpretations of the concept of competitiveness of the region by groups are ordered. The signs of the competitiveness of the region as a system are given. The author's interpretation ...


  • Аssessment of life cycle costs of public buildings of socio-cultural purpose 

    Holubava, Olga Sergeevna (BrSTU, 2022)
    The paper presents the results of calculating the life cycle costs for eleven public buildings of social and cultural purposes: kindergartens, schools, clinics. A brief analysis of the obtained data is carried out, the structure of life cycle costs is considered, conclusions are drawn that reveal the ...


  • Improving the system of grouping direct and indirect costs of the estimated cost of construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan 

    Khassen, Arman (BrSTU, 2022)
    The article describes the system of estimated standards that exists in the EAEU countries. The author proposes new approaches to the grouping of items of direct and indirect costs included in the estimated cost of construction. The elements of costs, cost items, articles of estimated cost, which ...


  • Principles of «seamless» technologies in transport logistics 

    Pilgun, Tatyana Vladimirovna (BrSTU, 2022)
    An urgent problem in transport and logistics systems for the delivery of goods is long delays in cargo at terminals. In modern conditions of digital transformation of business processes, the strategic task of the transport industry is the implementation of «seamless» technologies. The goal of «seamless ...


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