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    • Analysis of Lake Water Levels Fluctuations in Poland and Belarus 

      Choiński, Adam; Volchak, Aleksander; Kirvel, Ivan; Parfomuk, Sergey; Sidak, Svetlana; Kirvel, Pavel (SGGW Water Center, 2020)
      On the basis of the mean volume of annual water levels for 25 lakes (9 Belarusian and 16 Polish) in the period of 55 years (1956-2010) the spectral time analysis of water levels fluctuations has been executed. The spectral time analysis included two parts: analysis based on calculating the variance ...


    • Effect of Air Temperature Increase on Changes in Thermal Regime of the Oder and Neman Rivers Flowing into the Baltic Sea 

      Choiński, Adam; Ptak, Mariusz; Volchak, Alexander; Kirvel, Ivan; Valiuškevičius, Gintaras; Parfomuk, Sergey; Kirvel, Pavel; Sidak, Svetlana (MDPI, 2021)
      The paper presents long-term changes in water temperature in two rivers, Oder and Neman, with catchments showing different climatic conditions (with dominance of marine climate in the case of the Oder and continental climate in the case of the Neman River). A statistically significant increase in mean ...


    • Evaluation of changes in the river Viliya annual runoff under the fluctuation climate conditions 

      Volchak, Alexander; Parfomuk, Sergey; Sidak, Sviatlana (International Baltic Earth Secretariat, 2020)
      Volchak, A. Evaluation of changes in the river Viliya annual runoff under the fluctuation climate conditions / A. Volchak, S. Parfomuk, S. Sidak // 3rd Baltic Earth Conference Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts, Jastarnia, Hel Peninsula, Poland, 1 to 5 June 2020 : Conference Proceedings / ...


    • Intra-annual Runoff Distribution in the Pripyat River Basin 

      Volchak, Alexander; Parfomuk, Sergey; Sidak, Svetlana (E3S Web Conf, 2020)
      The time variability features of the intra-annual runoff distribution in the Pripyat River basin at the present stage are considered. The study used data from 10 active gauging-stations at the basin area for the period of enabled observations. Changes in the nature of natural runoff regulation of ...


    • Nonlinear Modeling of Annual Runoff of Main Rivers in Belarus 

      Volchak, Aliaksandr; Meshyk, Aleh; Parfomuk, Sergey; Mazhayskiy, Yury; Chernikova, Olga (Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies, 2021)
      The article investigates the problem of mathematical description of long-term fluctuations of river runoff, which is relevant for solving problems of modeling and forecasting in engineering hydrology. The description of the process of runoff fluctuations is based on the stochastic differential equations ...


    • The changes of water resources in Belarus 

      Volchak, Alexander; Kirvel, Ivan; Parfomuk, Sergey (LIBRON, 2016)
      The total water resources in Belarus have not changed during last years. However, the redistri- bution of water resources for the basins of main rivers is specified. There was an increasing of runoff for the Pripyat and Western Dvina rivers, and a decreasing of runoff for the other rivers in ...


    • The present-day condition of water resources in Belarus 

      Volchek, Alexander A.; Kirvel, Ivan; Parfomuk, Sergey; Makhambetova, Roza (De Gruyter Poland, 2013)
      The optimal number of hydrological monitoring stations for the annual values, the maximum spring, the minimum summer-autumn and the minimum winter river runoff in Belarus is determined. The research on optimization of the hydrological network of Belarus led to a conclusion about the optimum number of ...