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    • Adaptive robot control technique for dynamic environments 

      Diomin, Vladimir (Organising Committee of the Symposium PPEE Seminar BSE, 2012)
      This paper presents the technique of adaptive robot control for dynamic environments. The technique is designed for low cost sensors that make the developed system applicable for economic models of robots. This approach is based on the hierarchy method of robot control, that came from behavior based ...


    • Dynamic windows scaling in Unix-like systems interface 

      Diomin, Vladimir; Kostiuk, Dmitriy; Nikoniuk, Alexander (BSUIR, 2011)
      The models of a scaled down window and of a window with variable scale are presented, as far as their practical implementation for Unix-like systems as the Compiz window manager extension modules. An implementation specific is provided for the X Window System environment. Changes in the original window ...