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    • Realibility of the large-size post-tensioned slab-on-grade 

      Tur, Andrei V.; Tur, Viktar V. (Centrum Rzeczoznawstwa Budowlanego, 2019)
      The present artiele describes some of the possible ways of usage of the post-tensioned flat slabs and the rational design procedures to provide their structural reliability.Theoreticalbackground of the punching resistance checking, in the case when the piles support the foundation pos-tensioned slabs, ...


    • Stress-strainstate of the flexible element with composite unremovable formwork 

      Shalobyta, N. N.; Shalobyta, T. P. (Centrum Rzeczoznawstwa Budowlanego, 2019)
      The article deals with the work under load of a bent reinforced concrete girder element with a fixed formwork made of cement-bonded particleboard reinforced with. The main strength and deformation parameters of a multi component structure are determined, the main pre-purpose of which is to use overlap ...