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    • On the wear mechanism of cardan gear joints 

      Poprykailo, Alexander Vitalievich; Costykovich, Gennady Alexandrovich; Verameichyk, Andrei Ivanovich; Auchynnikau, Evgeny Vitalievich; Khvisevich, Vitaly Mikhailovich; Onysko, Sergey Romanovich (BrSTU, 2022)
      In connection with the improvement of vehicles, power plants, an increase in their power, operational life, requirements for reliability and safety of use necessitate the development of new modifications of the main components and assemblies, incl. drive shafts. In this paper, an analysis of the main ...


    • The research into thermal and energy characteristics of a plasmаtron for obtaining hydrogen low temperature plasma 

      Verameychyk, Andrei Ivanovich; Onysko, Sergey Romanovich; Sazonov, Mikhail Ivanovich; Khvisevich, Vitaly Mikhailovich (BrSTU, 2021)
      The article presents the results of experimental research of voltampere characteristics, thermal fluxes into the plasmatron elements, electrode erosion, thermal efficiency of a hydrogen plasmatron in the wide range of parameters. Has been developed an original construction of a plasmatron for obtaining ...