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    • Cassette robotized urban transport system of mass conveying passenger based on the unmanned electric cars 

      Shuts, V.; Shviatsova, A. (БНТУ, 2019)
      Shuts, V. Cassette robotized urban transport system of mass conveying passenger based on the unmanned electric cars / V. Shuts, A. Shviatsova // Наука. Инновации. Производство = Science. Innovation. Production : сборник материалов VI Белорусско-Корейского научно-технического форума, 10 апреля 2019 г. ...


    • Castrum Brestensi – праблемы даследвання і перспектывы захавання спадчыны 

      Жаркоў, Аляксандр Уладзiмiравiч (БрГТУ, 2017)
      Жаркоў, А. У. Castrum Brestensi – праблемы даследвання і перспектывы захавання спадчыны / А. У. Жаркоў, А. У. Варабей, А. У. Астаповіч // Проблемы. Исследования. Тенденции развития региональной архитектуры : сборник научных трудов / Министерство образования Республики Беларусь, Брестский государственный ...


    • Center of excellence for young researchers of Brest state technical university 

      Kachurka, Pavel A.; Parfamuk, Siarhei I.; Kachurka, Volha A. (JMTM, 2017)
      The student research work in the Brest state technical university is described. To improve conditions for research work the Centre of excellence for young researchers of the Brest state technical university in the format of a virtual informational resource in the form of a website was created. The ...


    • Changes in the characteristics of extreme temperatures in the Republic of Belarus 

      Meshyk, A.; Barushka, M.; Marozava, V.; Meshyk, K. (Айтумар, 2020)
      The article presents some results of the research of the extreme temperature regime in the Republic of Belarus. Transformations in maximum and minimum air temperatures correspond to the general theory of climate warming. The authors specify regional differences in temperature extremes.


    • Citymobil2 – challenges and opportunities of fully automated mobility 

      Alessandrini, A.; Cattivera, A.; Holguin, C.; Stam, D. (БрГТУ, 2016)
      Main benefits of road automation will be obtained when cars will drive themselves with or without passengers on-board and on any kind of roads, especially urban areas. This will allow the creation of new transport services, forms of shared mobility, which will enable seamless mobility from door to ...


    • Classical Solutions of Mixed Problem on the Plane for Hyperbolic Equation. The Method of Characteristic Parallelogram 

      Korzyuk, V.; Naumavets, S. (Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach, 2019)
      This paper regards the mixed problem for wave equation on the plane. The authors of the article prove that the usage of necessary and su - cient homogeneous compatibility conditions guarantees coming to the classical solution in the half-strip. The article gives the classical solution to the ...


    • Comparative analysis of the calculation of the stress intensity factor from the results of equilibrium and non-equilibrium tests 

      Sadovskaya, Elena Alexandrovna; Leonovich, Sergey Nikolaevich (BrSTU, 2022)
      This article explores the practical use of methods for determining the stress intensity factor at normal separation: eccentric compression of notched cubes and four-point bending of a notched beam. During non-equilibrium tests, the stress intensity factor value was calculated from the value of the ...


    • Comparative Study of Social and Professional Values of Modern Teachers with Various Pedagogical Experience (the Case of Russia and Belarus) 

      Drozdikova-Zaripova, Albina R.; Kalatskaya, Natalya N.; Zhigalova, Maria (Kazan Federal University, 2019)
      The paper investigated the changing system of values and value orientations of teachers belonging to different generations and cultures in the context of variability in globalization processes. The paper is aimed to identify cross-cultural features of social-professional values and value orientations ...


    • Competence-centered tasks as means of student's key competence formation 

      Orlova, V. F. (БрГТУ, 2019)
      The article is devoted to competence-centered tasks as anefficient means of key competence formation due to the implementation of competence approach as a methodological basis into the educational process of teaching English. Attention is drawn to the requirements and the structure of such tasks. ...


    • Competition and Market of Science and Technology Products 

      Markau, Andrei; Chetyrbock, Natallia (HEILONGJIANG SCIENCE, 2021)
      The research clarifies the target function of science and technology product market, reveals the characteristics of science and technology product selling, and competition relationship type of main participants in the science and technology market, and expounds the competition relationship of the ...


    • Complex-analytic methods for the study of the effective conductivity of composite materials 

      Rogosin, Sergei; Dubatovskaya, Marina; Makaruk, Svetlana; Pesetskaya, Ekaterina (University of Aveiro, 2005)
      The effective conductivity of 2D composite materials is discussed on the base of the complex-analytic methods. Main attention is paid to the application of the methods of boundary value problems for harmonic and analytic functions and functional equations for composite materials having multiply ...


    • Composition and properties of condensate of liquid pyrolysis products of wood waste 

      Valeevaa., R. (БрГТУ, 2022)
      Valeevaa., R. Composition and properties of condensate of liquid pyrolysis products of wood waste / R. Valeevaa. ; науч. рук. G. M. Bikbulatova // Современные проблемы природопользования и природообустройства : сборник тезисов докладов Международной научно-практической конференции молодых ученых, ...


    • Computer construction of the general solution of the special form of the Abel differential equation 

      Chichurin, А. V.; Stepaniuk, G. P. (БрГТУ, 2015)
      The computer method of building a general solution of the special form for the nonlinear differential equation of the second order and the Abel differential equation of the first kind is considered. Three examples which contain the solutions of the initial problem are presented. The module allowing ...


    • Computer Modeling the Excitonic Reflection and Photoluminescence Spectra of GaN Epitaxial Layers 

      Rakovich, Y.; Tarasjuk, N. P.; Gladyshchuk, A. A.; Lucenko, E. V.; Yablonskii, G. P.; Heuken, M.; Heime, K. (BPI, 1999)
      Photoluminescence (PL) and reflection excitonic spectra o f GaN single layer grown on sapphire substrate by MOVPE were modeled with aim to estimate a basie parameters o f free A- and B- excitons. The calculations were performed in the frame o f two-oscillator model for dielectric function e(E). Three ...


    • Computer Network Security Approach Based on Multi-Agent Dynamic Recognition 

      Vaitsekhovich, Leanid (BrSTU, 2015)
      Vaitsekhovich, L. Computer Network Security Approach Based on Multi-Agent Dynamic Recognition / L. Vaitsekhovich // Modern problems of mathematics and computer engineering : a collection of materials of the IX Republican scientific conference of young scientists and students, Brest, November 19–21, ...


    • Computer notions. English reader for students in computer-related fields. Тексты для чтения на английском языке по специальости Т.10.01.00 и Т.10.03.00 

      Жданов, Александр Алексеевич; Гриб, Владимир Николаевич; Иванова, Наталья Андреевна (БПИ, 2000)
      Содержит систематизированный текстовый материал на английском языке в объеме около 100 т. печ. знаков для развития навыков чтения литературы по специальности. Для студентов первого курса специальностей «Автоматизированные системы обработки информации» и «Вычислительные системы и сети», продолжающих ...


    • Concepts of neuromarketing and guidelines for conducting neuromarketing research 

      Grigaliünaitė, V.; Pilelienė, L. (Альтернатива, 2017)
      Grigaliünaitė, V. Concepts of neuromarketing and guidelines for conducting neuromarketing research / V. Grigaliünaitė, L. Pilelienė // Инновации: от теории к практике : VI Международная научно-практическая конференция, Брест, 5–7 октября 2017 г. : сборник научных статей / Министерство образования ...


    • Considering cognitive load at distant learning 

      Derechennik-jr., Stanislav; Dubitski, Aliaksandr; Khomiuk, Sofya; Shulgan, Antip (БрГТУ, 2020)
      Considering cognitive load at distant learning / S. Derechennik-jr. [et al.] // Enhancement of lifelong learning in Belarus = Совершенствование непрерывного образования в Республике Беларусь : proceedings of the final conference on the Erasmus+ project, Brest, October 13–14, 2020 / Ministry of Education ...


    • Content Lines in Design of Chemical Education for Would-Be Engineers 

      Khaletski, Vitali (The Scientia Socialis Press, 2015)
      Methodology of chemical education for would-be engineers in technical universities is discussed in the report. Content lines as an instrument of structuring of content of chemical courses are proposed by the author. Content lines and their practical implementation in syllabus are analyzed. It was ...


    • Controller functions for adaptive compensation system reactive power 

      Vabishchevich, Leonty Ivanovich; Klopotsky, Alexander Anatolyevich; Yarashevich, Anatoly Vasilievich (BrSTU, 2021)
      The article is devoted to the construction of a controller algorithm as part of an adaptive reactive power compensation system. To construct the structure of a system with a controller, a reactive power compensator circuit with an analog calculation of the capacitance of capacitors was selected. The ...